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by DougReeder Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:45 pm EST
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The many details so often forgotten can all be at your fingertips! Light-years past a to-do list, Outline Tracker™ helps you organize all of your tasks and associated notes. Organize projects at work, plan a move, a wedding, or a grocery list.

* Organize tasks and sub-tasks as many layers deep as you need.
* Outline Tracker’s dynamic to-do list shows only the tasks you can work on here and now.
* View upcoming tasks in the “By Due Date” scene.
* The dynamic waiting list shows tasks that are waiting for action by someone else - tap to contact him/her
* Tasks and sub-projects can repeat on an exact schedule (such as the second-last day of every month) or a lax schedule (such as “a week after I last did it”).
* Color-coding shows at a glance who’s responsible for a task -- you, your organization, or no one (better get someone on that!)
* Items with a due date appear in the webOS Calendar
* Global search makes it easy to find items
* Coordinate with others using Basecamp from 37signals (useable through any web browser, with custom apps available for many kinds of smartphone).
* Edit Basecamp items without a network connection. Changes will be uploaded when you're next on-line.
* Supports David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD) methodology.

Outline Tracker also functions as an outliner, importing from OPML and XOXO formats, & exporting to XOXO format.

Outline Tracker Free is limited to 50 items, but otherwise has all the features of Outline Tracker.

New in 2.2.0:

* Import from any outliner which exports OPML files
* While importing, new Places are created as needed.

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