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P102EWW Palm Pre 2 coming to Verizon in October?

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 28 Sep 2010 3:41 pm EDT

After the excitement over the weekend over the discovery of the Palm P102EWW and P102UNA in a certification database, we were reminded of the rumor last August that the "Palm Pre 2" would be showing up in the October timeframe. The two rumors line up quite nicely.

wellwellwell11 in our forums notes that device release tends to come out about 2 months after TÜV Rheinland certification, which further bolsters an October timeframe. Our own anonymous sources suggest that it is indeed likely that we will see something new in October and confirm that Verizon is getting something new from Palm, although given the earlier rumor dubbed this device the "Palm Pre 2" and the fact that this new device is the P102, we suspect that what we have coming is something along the lines of a minor spec bump to the Palm Pre Plus, not the breakout "Roadrunner device" many are waiting for.

If true, we dearly hope that Verizon doesn't hobble the device by "Binging it" or breaking the GPS - it could be the makings of a chance for webOS Verizon redemption after the lackluster Pre Plus launch.

More discussion in our forums. Thanks Anonymous!