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Paid App Catalog expanding to Europe in March

by Derek Kessler Mon, 04 Jan 2010 7:20 am EST

Paid Euro App Catalog

Well, it’s one more thing to check off the list of things about which to complain: we now know when paid webOS apps will be available outside the United States. In March 2010, folks in Europe will finally be able to buy webOS apps from Palm’s App Catalog. Here’s what Palm’s Developer Network Blog had to say about the whole thing:

“The general app catalog model is not new, but what we’re doing with it is. The Palm developer program extends the unique web orientation of the Palm webOS platform, providing developers innovative opportunities to leverage the web as a promotional channel for applications. We offer greater freedom and choice of how to get your applications to market and unparalleled control to promote and grow your business. For developers looking to make money, it’s all about speed, promotion, and reacting to customer feedback. Our platform gives you greater access to customers and faster cycle times to make higher-quality, compelling applications.”

Developers interested in participating in the European ecommerce program are encouraged to sign up now; details are available on the PDN Blog. As to when the paid App Catalog will be available in places like Canada and Mexico, we currently have no info on this, but our assumption is that the App Catalog will go fully international concurrently with the European expansion, or in a phased deployment around the same time.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!