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Paid apps to finally go international by end of March?

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 08 Mar 2010 4:16 pm EST

App availability on webOS outside the United States has been a long and arduous saga - one we're hoping is coming to an end soon. Over at Palm's developer forums, we have some clear evidence from psartini that Palm is well on their way to laying the groundwork for offering paid apps internationally - they've begun adding code to their developer backend to support VAT. 'VAT' as in 'Value added tax,' as in 'necessary for processing payments internationally.

In addition to the above, an anonymous source expresses confidence that Palm is targeting March for offering paid apps to all countries. One more tidbit - right now Palm and EA have partnered to offer EA's webOS offerings for free to webOS users outside the US - but the free program ends ...March 31st.So for all you folks outside the US: Get your EA games for free while the getting's good and take heart at this glimmer of hope that your long international nightmare of not having paid apps on webOS may soon be over.

Oh, one last hopeful note: Palm has also promised to bring the new and improved Facebook app to international users "soon."


Thanks, anonymous!