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Palm ad gives readers the business

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 30 Jun 2010 2:58 pm EDT


Palm is running a new ad, first spotted in CIO Magazine, which demonstrates how readily and efficiently webOS phones (both the Pre and Pixi) can be integrated into a business environment.

Palm Simplicity. It's good business.

Mobile doesn't have to mean complicated. Palm webOS phones integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange, so here's no need for additional servers or middleware." [...] Learn more about how Palm can simplify your infrastructure at

which redirects to a page on business use on Palm’s site.

We at PreCentral have been making this business case for months, and are not sure why it has seemingly taken Palm this long to start doing so as well, but we’re pleased to see it. We’re certain that, with the HP acquisition reportedly closing (finally!) this week, and with HP’s longstanding focus on business (and its ongoing mentions of webOS’ place in that strategy), this message will be more frequently seen and heard in the near future.

Source: Smartphone Fanatics Thanks to @Kitayo for the tip!