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Palm Adding Yahoo, LinkedIn to Synergy, New Facebook App too!

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 09 Sep 2009 12:56 am EDT

Synergy expanding to add Yahoo! and LinkedIn Not everybody’s in love with Google, not all of you have an Exchange server that you can hook into, and the all-or-nothing Facebook sync approach leaves some to be desired. Thankfully, Palm’s seen fit to work with more cloud-based PIM repositories to expand the functionality of Synergy to include Yahoo! and LinkedIn sync support.

LinkedIn sync will allow you to access all of your LinkedIn contacts, including pulling down their job titles. Yahoo! support, meanwhile, will bring contacts and calendar synchronization, along with integrating Yahoo IM into the Messaging app alongside Google Talk, AIM, SMS, and MMS. Yahoo’s support also comes with push email.

This functionality will ship standard on the Pixi, but no word yet when the Pre will see it - perhaps it will come on the 1.2 webOS update, perhaps on a later build.  The version of the webOS I saw on the Pixi today was 1.2, but it was clearly a later build than the version of 1.2 that we've all seen before.

Palm also demo'd the new Facebook application. It unfortunately doesn't look all that feature-filled.  It primarily works off your friends feed, letting you browse status and wall updates, look at photos posted (in a very nice gallery interface), and update your own status. In all, it's a 1.0 product for sure, it definitely lags behind the iPhone app and in many ways lags behind the Facebook web interface. No word yet on when it'll be available for the Pre.