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Palm and Sprint Sued in Backup Class Action Lawsuit

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 07 Dec 2009 7:15 pm EST

File under "inevitable." A class action lawsuit has been filed in California against both Palm and Sprint over the problems some people have been having with restoring their Palm Profile. The suit, filed on behalf of Jason Standiford (and others), seeks "relief for the loss of personal data suffered." The suit repeatedly alleges that Palm only keeps the most recent backup and refreshes it every 24 hours, arguing that "Once a new backup is completed, all information from previous backups becomes irretrievable." We have heard of Palm managing to grab older data, however, as even Standiford experienced:

A few weeks later, Palm contacted Standiford, having recovered some of his information.

We won't speak to the validity, merit, or scope of the lawsuit, but we can say that more than a few people have lost data because of the issue, which to our understanding is a result of older versions of webOS not properly restoring backups made by newer versions. The best fix is to update any webOS phone with the latest OS with a 'dummy' profile before loading your real profile, as we have previously suggested. The second-best fix, we suppose, is to wait and see if this lawsuit squeezes any money out of either Palm or Sprint.

You can go read the entire lawsuit (in PDF form) here (via the Kansas City Star)

Thanks to GoSteelers for the tip!