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Palm App Catalog Tops 30 Million Downloads

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 11 Mar 2010 10:20 am EST


Checking the data in our webOS App Gallery, we noticed today that Palm has topped over thirty million downloads from the App Catalog. Palm provides three ways to download apps directly now (and we have App Galleries for them all):

If you total up the downloads for all three app distribution models, Palm has served up a total of 33,749,305 downloads as of this writing. If you add in the 5.8 million downloads from PreCentral's own Homebrew App Gallery and the many patches and other homebrew apps served up by WebOS Internals via Prewar, the total number of apps and patches downloaded by webOS users easily exceeds 40 million. Updates to apps likely count as another download, so that number isn't necessarily a good indication of the number of webOS devices out there.

The most-downloaded app in the Official App catalog is Pandora, with 1.2 million downloads - see the full list of most-downloaded apps here. Unsurprisingly, the apps that make up the most popular webOS apps have all been around for a long time on webOS - which is to say that the new 3D games have yet to even crack the top 100 most-downloaded webOS apps (Asphalt 5 Free clocks in at 104).