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Palm App Promo coming: all apps to be 50% off

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 17 Jun 2010 2:39 pm EDT


Some big news dropped in the webinar that AT&T and Palm ran today for developers looking to learn about webOS. Palm is going to be running a promotion on apps: all of them will be 50% off to consumers, but Palm will still be paying developers what their full cut would be without the promo.

The webinar had June 17th through the 30th listed as the dates for the promotion, but we haven't seen it yet in the App Catalog and those dates may change. Update: rumor is the dates could be June 21st through July 9th.

Add in the new $1 million dollar PDK apps promo that's coming soon on top of the about-to-end 'regular' Hot Apps program and you're looking at a very clear commitment from Palm to bring new devs (especially those iPhone devs) into webOS and support the ones who are already there.

Thanks to Adam for the tip!