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Palm 'Broadway' pops up in App Log - Pixi 2 coming as well?

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 08 Oct 2010 10:50 pm EDT

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At this point you'd have to be in willful denial if you didn't believe that some sort of "Pre 2" is coming before the end of the year, but we weren't sure whether or not the Pixi would also be receiving similar spec-bump treatment. We still aren't completely sure, of course, but PreCentral user dawm has spotted some interesting details in his app logs: the Palm 'Broadway,' sporting a 320x400 screen (the same resolution as the Pixi) in running two different OSes: 'Nova-Blowfish' and 'Nova-Barleywine.' We've heard of previous versions of webOS getting fish-related codenames, so this rumor rings true. Also ringing true: the Palm UK-owned IP address they came from. 

We know there are plenty of people out in the world who would use a Pixi over a Pre if it were just a little faster - perhaps the Broadway will make their wish come true?

By the by - dawm is behind Biocandy labs, which is behind such apps as Swap & Drop (whose logs revealed these devices),  RingWhere Beta,  and My Coke Rewards

Source: @biocandy & @webosinternalsfurther discussion in our forums; Thanks @dawm!