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Palm Confident That Pre Will Launch On Time

by Jennifer Chappell Wed, 28 Jan 2009 3:46 am EST

In light of the news that Apple got the multi-touch patents, many wonder if Palm is biting their nails.  I was very happy to have just read an article over at Laptop Magazine that Palm is confident that the Pre will launch on time.  Mark Spoonauer spoke with Palm spokesperson Lynn Fox on the phone, and Fox reiterated that "the company is on more than solid ground should the legal fists start flying."

We reported recently that Lynn Fox had spoken out regarding a possible patent lawsuit:

"Palm has a long history of innovation, obviously reflected in our own products and our own robust apps portfolio," she said. "We have long been recognized for our fundamental patents in the mobile space. If we're faced with legal action, we're confident that we have the tools to defend ourselves."

Laptop Magazine  pressed Fox a bit further about the possibility that the lawsuit might impact Palm’s upcoming launch of the Pre.  According to the article, Fox stated:

“We have no reason to think that our launch plans for the webOS and Palm Pre won’t come to full fruition. We have no plans to change the launch time.”

Now that was music to my ears!  I don't know when the Pre is actually supposed to launch as we've heard recently that it could coincide with the launch of the Sprint Treo Pro.  But.... WMExperts posted in an article yesterday that the Sprint Treo Pro is now delayed until the end of February.

We have a long discussion going on at the moment in our TreoCentral Pre forums about the rumored February 15th Pre launch date.  Some forum members seem to think that Palm will have a Super Bowl ad for the Pre.  That would be wild, huh? I'd sure love to see a Pre ad during the Super Bowl. I won't be holding my breath of course, but seeing an ad would be awesome.  But more importantly, I just want to see the Pre be released as soon as possible.