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Palm to demo porting iPhone games to webOS 'in a matter of days' at GDC?

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 05 Mar 2010 3:53 pm EST


Palm will be presenting at the Game Developer's Conference next week and naturally they'll be talking about games and the Plug-in Development Kit. One thing we've been speculating on in the PalmCast is what exactly this PDK looks like to a developer. We're supposed to find out as it comes out of beta later this month, but given how quickly Gameloft has ported their iPhone games over, we sort of wondered whether the PDK was essentially built from the ground up with an eye towards making it easy to port iPhone games and apps over to webOS.

Apparently, that's exactly what it is, as John Paczkowski notes:

Perhaps more importantly, the PDK will allow devs to rewrite mobile apps that they’ve built for other platforms to run on webOS with minimal modifications. iPhone apps can be ported over in a matter of days, sources close to the company tell me, and they don’t really suffer any degradation in performance.

Hey, we're not complaining - easy porting means more apps and that sounds grand to us. Just one thing, Palm, we don't know how this "matter of days" thing works, but just remember that Apple hasn't exactly been reticent with their patent hammer of late, okay?

Our colleague Rene Ritchie of TiPb will be at GDC 10 and will bring us more on what Palm has to show next week!

Update: @Adora ups the ante: "I've even heard hours"