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Palm Developer Podcast 7, talking Ares, is now online

by Robert Werlinger Sun, 11 Jul 2010 8:02 pm EDT

The seventh installment of Palm's ongoing developer podcast series is now online, and the subject this time around is the browser-based Ares development tool.  Ben and Dion (who helped to create Bespin while at Mozilla, on which Ares is built) sit down with Matthew McNulty, Palm Director of Developer Tools, to discuss the history of the development tool from its inception to its public release and where Palm hopes to take it in the future.  The podcast continues (after a somewhat humorous editing gaffe midway through) with McNulty walking us through some of the features in Ares and giving suggestions on how you might include the Ares in your tool chain.  

Ares is a fascinating and exceedingly well executed concept, and many a developer (webOS or not) would be smart to catch a glimpse of where development environments will be headed in the future by catching the video after the break.

Source: Palm Developer Center