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Palm Dishes on the PDK (Video)

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 10 Mar 2010 12:39 pm EST

You got most of the deets yesterday on the news on Palm's Plug-in Development Kit: it's coming to the Pixi, regular developers will have to wait for a couple of months before they're able to distribute PDK apps, and you'll be able to mix and match the PDK with the regular SDK.

Rene from TiPb spoke with Joe Hayashi from Palm yesterday, detailing the PDK in broad strokes in a way that the rest of us non-developers can make sense of. Palm's main message is a subtle dig on Android and iPhone: if you're on Sprint or Verizon and want cool 3D games right now, your best bet is the Palm Pre.

What interests us the most is how much thought Palm is putting into integrating 'native' PDK stuff with the standard webOS web-app architecture. It will be pretty cool to see apps that utilize a combination of quick-to-code standard elements with the fancier and shinier PDK elements. Right now PDK apps are just games - but we're excited to see utility and productivity apps.

We'd say we're pretty bummed that developers won't be able to release their PDK apps right away, but from how we understand how the PDK works right now, basically it looks like PDK apps completely un-sandboxed and able to do whatever they'd like to webOS' linux underpinnings - potentially very bad. So a future update to webOS will definitely be necessary (and welcome, as it always is) to get a wider distribution for PDK apps.