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Palm giving away 500 phones to help support good causes

by Derek Kessler Thu, 07 Oct 2010 4:32 pm EDT

Palm Connections Inspired by the stories of the webOS community, Palm is stepping up to the plate of good causes with a whole ton of phones. The folks in Sunnyvale have decided to offer up 500 Verizon Palm Pre Plus phones with $150,000 of service to support community efforts and charities across the United States. The program is called Palm Connections, as we noted a few weeks back, and it’s now running at full tilt.

Each Pre Plus will come with $300 of Verizon service to aid in the cause. Palm says that they’re hoping to support a variety of “good causes,” including charities, sustainability advocates, and eco-entrepreneurs (those pioneering eco-friendly businesses). Palm is posting the stories of these good causes on their new Palm Connections Facebook page, with videos and links for more information on the charities and eco-pioneers.

Several groups have already signed on, including the Niemann-Pick Children's Fund and One World Futbol Project, among others.

Said Palm Connections’ Ryan Chamberlain, Palm was inspired by the grassroots advocacy power of the webOS community. They decided to harness that kind of energy and social media interactions to “help out a bunch of good causes [and] broadcast their efforts and achievements.” And honestly, that’s something we’re 100% behind. Interested parties can apply to take part in Palm Connections, and make the world a better place with Palm.

Source: Palm Connections, Facebook