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Palm hearts the homebrew community

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 20 May 2010 1:04 pm EDT


Palm has really been out and pounding the pavement to get in touch with developers lately. In addition to having a booth at Google IO to show off the Ares development environment, they also recently presented at the CELF Embedded Linux Conference.

The presentation was called "Engaging Developer Communities, Lessons and Opportunity from webOS" and from looking at the slides (PDF link), the title doesn't lie. Matthew Tippett of Palm (and formerly of AMD) gave the talk and in addition to talking about Palm's own efforts, the presentation drills down into communities. Specifically, Tippet talks up WebOS-Internals, patches, themes, and the like. The key from Palm's perspective is that webOS doesn't require rooting, jailbreaking, or other extreme hackery in order to get into hombrew, instead you just put the sucker into development mode, plug it into your computer, and you're in. In other words, webOS is open, almost radically open.

The key for us (besides the warm fuzzy feeling from seeing PreCentral called out) is that the ratio of devices in the field to excited and engaged developers and hackers is as high as we've ever seen on any platform. 

If you're interesting in learning how to install Homebrew apps and patches, here's a nice how-to article for you.