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Palm hearts the PAAAAAALM guy, seeking other creative videos

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 21 Oct 2010 2:31 pm EDT

The goodly folks at Palm are showing us what a company with a sense of humor about itself looks like. On the Palm blog today, Jon Zilber pays tribute to the latest video from that masked PAAAAAAAAAAALM guy, who is suddenly much more enthusiastic about the company and demonstrating his technique for getting others to purchase webOS smartphones:

Zilber then goes on to challenge other Palm fans to show off their own creative methods for spreading webOS love:

So if you’ve been helping to tell the webOS story, we’d like to see how you do it. Do you show people just how effortless it is? Showcase a favorite app? Tell them about some of the cool things (like Stacks and Just Type) coming in webOS 2.0? Explain the power of the homebrew community? Or do you (and yes, I do mean you) just naturally wow people with your sparkling personality and your snappy attire?

Palm will be looking out for YouTube videos tagged with #MaskAppeal (and subtly suggests a length limit of 30 seconds), and will "highlight a few [...] favorites." No mention of prizes, but hey, getting Palm's attention as a creative webOS supporter has led to at least one job recently, so you never know what might result!

Source: Palm Blog