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by Travisml Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:44 pm EST
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-80 MB of space

1. Download and install theme
2. Download and install "Switcheroo Free"
3. Download
4. Unzip folder and connect pre to computer (USB mode)
5. Drag "Date" folder into DCIM folder in pre
6. Open Switcheroo and set:
-switch timing: once a day
-album: date
-image sequence: random
7. Turn switcheroo on and click "switch now"
8. Keep clicking "switch now" until background becomes a date that is close and has already passed. (e.g. if today is December 13 then keep switching until it says 12/4 or something like that)
9. Change "image sequence" to: sequential.
10. Click "switch now" until it shows todays date.


Hints: Best to perform near midnight so date changes at the right time of day. Be patient, there is no other way to do this that i am aware of, but once you get it done, it's quite nifty :)

p.s. sorry the background has to do with ultimate frisbee... its kind of my thing. and i started a league in orange county.

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