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Palm Hire Shows They're Serious About Europe

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 21 Jan 2009 3:17 pm EST

Palm has a complicated history with the European market -- they've had pretty good success with the Treo 750 and even the Treo 500, moderate success with the Treo Pro.  The PalmOS, though has been a nonentity in the European market, there's just been next to no interest outside of the UK, and precious little there compared to what they got in the US (at least in the glory days).

It looks pretty clear, though, that Palm intends to turn this situation around with the Pre and the webOS.  First thing, of course, is that Palm believes that Europeans are more sensitive to the looks of a phone than Americans (witness back in the old days when Europe got the antenna-less Treo 750 while America has to make do with the stodgy, antenna-fied Treo 700p and wx).  Second thing, they've snatched up Paul Ghent [via PreCommunity] from HTC to act as Sales Vice President for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

HTC has had some serious clout in those markets and Ghent himself has learned what it takes to bring a smartphone to the masses in the past year as he helped the company get record sales on the HTC Touch and the HTC Touch Diamond.  The Pre is approximately 100 times (give or take) more consumer-friendly than the HTC Touch, so that will make Ghent's job a bit easier.  Palm's sordid past with the European market, however, means he'll still have a tough row to hoe.