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Palm hiring senior smartphone product manager

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 15 Jun 2010 10:30 am EDT

If all that hubub stirred up by HP's CEO Mark Hurd two weeks ago still has you unsettled about whether HP is truly interested in making smartphones, we can't blame you for finding HP's statement on the matter something less than a definitive commitment to putting smartphones at the forefront of the webOS ecosystem.

However, here's a good sign: Palm posted a job on June 11th on LinkedIn for a "Senior Product Manager - webOS Smartphones." Although the buyout hasn't officially happened yet, but we have to assume that at this stage of the game HP has a cursory, advisory, or even a dictatory role in deciding which important positions to fill at Palm.

From the job description, it appears that the position is important indeed:

In this fast-paced, highly visible, challenging and coveted role, you will oversee the definition, launch and lifecycle management for our smartphone products. You must be an effective communicator with strong technical skills who can drive the definition and execution of our next generation smartphones. The ideal candidate will balance business acumen and a technical understanding of mobile operator & end user requirements with Palm's capabilities & strengths to deliver world-class, innovative smartphones to both the domestic and international markets.

We wish Palm success in finding the right candidate. It appears that smartphones will remain a crucial line for HP's Palm division.