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Palm hiring video conferencing engineer

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 19 Jul 2010 9:44 am EDT

Palm may be experiencing an exodus of a large number of the folks from what used to be its executive staff, but that hasn't stopped the recently acquired company from seeking out top talent to fill its engineering ranks.  Evidence of this can be found by way of the company's career opportunities page where a good 20 high-level engineering jobs have been posted since the merger closed on the first of this month. The most intriguing of these job offerings are the ones that perhaps offer us a glimpse into where Palm might be going in the near future, including:

  • Video Conferencing Software Engineer.  HP has been in a mad rush to snap up companies in a bid to align its resources around Palm, and one of those was video conferencing firm Vidyo.  While they didn't announce anything concrete at the time relating to mobile, the hinted very heavily at the prospect of their technology finding its way on to phones.  Another significant video chat service to note is Apple's FaceTime, which is an open standard as sister site TiPB notes, and could very well find its way into Palm devices because of that.
  • Senior Visual Designer.  While the user interface and visuals in webOS looks great on phones and will certainly scale decently to larger screens on different form factors, its going to need some optimization to really make it shine.  And with such high profile members of the UX team departing in recent times such as Matias Duarte to Google and Rich Dellinger to Apple, Palm is going to have to work very hard to stay ahead in this key area.

A bolstered engineering corps under the direction of the legendary Jon Rubinstein with the oft-mentioned scale and resources of HP?  Buckle up webOS enthusiasts - the rest of 2010 is going to be a wild ride.

To see the rest of the listings on Palm's career page, follow the source link.

Source: Palm's careers page; thanks to GodShapedHole for the tip!