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Palm to host WWDC meetup June 9th

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 26 May 2010 10:22 pm EDT

Palm has posted to their Developer Center that they're hosting a 'San Francisco PDK Party' on Wednesday, June 9th from six to nine at 111 Minna Gallery in, well, San Francisco:

Palm and Appcelerator invite you to a co-hosted night of networking. Enjoy hot food and cold drinks on us. Mix it up with your fellow developers, check out our demos, or watch video turntablist Mike Relm take you on a trip through sight and sound. Don’t miss this fun event—and a chance to hear about porting your apps with the Palm® webOS™ PDK.

Would-be attendees should be sure to hit up to secure a spot.

The event, not coincidentally, comes right around the time of Apple's WWDC event. Given that the PDK is now officially part of Palm's full SDK for webOS and given that many iPhone apps can be ported to the PDK in 'a matter of days,'  the timing and placement of the event is either fortuitous or opportunistic, depending on your point of view.

Appcelerator, the cohost, is interesting because to our knowledge they have been focusing on other platforms to date. However their core business model is to offer a cross-platform development environment that creates native apps that look and feel like native apps on each platform - much of which is based on HTML, CSS, and the like. In other words, a pretty darn good match for a party focused on porting apps to webOS.

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