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Palm to Introduce Push Services

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 01 Apr 2009 9:13 pm EDT

In addition to the Early Access SDK program just announced, Palm also announced their "Mojo Messaging Service, " which according to Palm's Blog, "will enable developers to have live interactions between users and applications both on and off the cloud."  That may or may not mean push services in the style of RIM and the iPhone 3.0 software, but it certainly sounds like it.

Given that the Pre will have a relatively small 1150mAh battery, the ability to push messages out instead of have apps polling for data in the background could make a huge difference in overall battery life.  We're not sure what "live interactions" refers to direclty, but we're clearly intrigued to hear what that could entail.

The official details after the break!

Palm also announced that it would deploy its first Palm branded cloud service. Cloud services are software resources provided over the Internet. These services can deliver direct benefits to the end user, such as giving them access to their favorite web applications, or can be incorporated by developers into their applications to enhance the end-user experience.

When the Mojo SDK is broadly released later this year, it will include a developer-facing offering called the Mojo Messaging Service, an XMPP publish/subscribe service. The Mojo Messaging Service is an elegant, standards-based way to exchange information over the Internet. When new information is available, it is “published” to the cloud and all interested parties who are subscribers are notified that new information is available. This will allow developers to push live content to their applications or services. The Mojo Messaging Service initially will have a limited feature set and service level that will evolve over time.