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Palm invites Developers to another Feb 9th event

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 13 Jan 2011 8:18 pm EST

An email has just gone out to registered webOS developers inviting them to another event that follows HP and Palm's announcement at 10am on Feb 9th.

Please join Jon Rubinstein and the HP webOS Engineering and Developer Relations teams for a special presentation and developer community reception.

This event is open to all webOS developer community members and space is limited.

This second event happens in the evening as as you can see above, it's open to pretty much anybody who has developed a webOS app. If you're in that group and reading these words, check your email and go on and register, because, kids, space is limited.

Kudos to Palm for rewarding their developers who've stuck with the platform through some trying times and small numbers - let's hope the story for developing on this "think beyond" platform is as exciting as the hardware we fully expect to be announced.