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Palm Kills TealOS

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 28 Mar 2009 4:21 am EDT

Most of us knew it seemed too good to be true: TealOS, a full-featured WebOS UI for the good ol' PalmOS.  Well, Palm has finally brought down the ax.  According to a post from TealPoint Software on their official messageboard:

I'm sorry to say that at Palm's request, as of this upcoming Monday, March 30, we will no longer be selling or distributing TealOS.

We really appreciate the help and unprecedented enthusiasm so many of you have shown for this product. It's been a long time since we experienced this kind of customer cooperation, and the program's success came at a badly needed time. We wish we could continue contributing to this great community.

For those of you who have already purchased the product, your copies will continue to function, of course, but we encourage you to download the latest beta copies to insure you have a stable version you are happy with and back it up to a safe place, as you'll no longer be able to download it after Monday.  We'll continue through the weekend to try to get as many bug fixes and requested improvements in as we can before then.

While I can't say this was unexpected given Palm is betting their company on the Pre and the WebOS's unique UI, this certainly is saddening.  If you haven't picked up your own copy of TealOS yet, I highly recommend giving it a go (especially the latest beta versions), as it'll be the last hands-on try of a WebOS-style UI for a few months to come.