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Palm Looking for Ready-to-Deploy PDK Apps

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 21 Apr 2010 11:18 am EDT

We're big big fans of the Plug-in Development Kit for webOS. It's the magic that allows the Palm Pre to be the only phone on multiple US networks with real 3D gaming and one of the under-rated features of the platform.

Anyhow, as of right now the only PDK apps you see come from big, professional development houses like Gameloft. They've obviously done a great job with the apps and we're also pleased to see that they occasionally put stuff on sale (Hero of Sparta is only 99 cents for a limited time, for example). You know us, though, we like to root for the little guys too.

To that end, Ben Combee of Palm's Developer Relations team is following up on March's release of a public beta of the PDK by asking if any developers have "ready-to-deploy" PDK apps. Which is to say that Palm has decided to open up the App Catalog to PDK apps a little earlier than originally planned. If you've been working on a PDK app, be sure to check out his post - there are a few caveats and provisos to be aware of.

If you're not a developer, stay tuned. Palm's deadline for these apps is tomorrow, so it's entirely possible that we might see some indie PDK apps sooner than we previously thought.

Thanks to slp15 for the tip!