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Palm Pixi Features, Apps, Facebook, and Memory Limitations in Video

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 15 Nov 2009 10:37 pm EST

[YouTube Link]

Here's a video of the Palm Pixi, demoed to us by a Palm Rep. We skipped around to the bits that were new or new-esque, so it provides a pretty good overview of the new features and app of the Pixi, but it's certainly not comprehensive for what's coming in webOS 1.2.

The Facebook app, as we mentioned in our flurry of Pixi posts last night, is a bit of a disappointment. It's more of a Facebook Friends Feed app than it is a full Facebook App.  You can post your status and browse your Facebook news/friends feed, but viewing full profiles is mysteriously missing. On the other hand, if you can find your way to a photo gallery on Facebook, the features there are quite nice.

Hey - at least your friends are included in Synergy, right? Either way, if you're a heavy Facebook user, you're going to want to keep bookmarked for now.

Finally, we decided to go ahead and include the bit where the Pixi runs out of memory and can't open more cards - after about 6 or so. Note that even after closing all the cards the error still crops up for a few seconds until the webOS can fully clear out all those swiped-cards. It's something we've all seen with the Pre, but usually not until we've loaded a ton of cards or had a rogue app go crazy on us. The Pixi will have those same issues, just with a lower threshhold. I'm not saying it's a big problem, I'm just saying that Pixi users will want to be a little more diligent about closing cards when they're done with them.