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Palm Pixi Invades Sprint Systems, Your Heart is Next

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 15 Oct 2009 4:18 pm EDT

We know the Palm Pixi is due before the holidays, so we're not at all surprised to see that Sprint is preparing for its launch by updating their system for shuffling contacts from phone to phone (how else would you get contacts from a Katana to a Pixi?). 'Before the holidays' could mean anything, but the above gives us hope that we'll see a launch before the post-Thanksgiving shop-a-ganza kicks in.

We received two more spy shots of Sprint's inventory system, including some new accessories. Take a gander at those and also learn the latest (possibly dire) adjustment to the Palm Pre rumor mill, after the break!


As with the shot we received at the end of August, this one shows that Sprint has both the PALM100HK and the PALM120HK in the system (the MU and HK1 versions are just demo / dummy units)

What's interesting is that with the last leak we saw both the PALM120HK and the PALMC40HK. We've been operating under the assumption that the C40 was the Pixi and the 120 was an updated Pre. You know what they say about assumptions, though. Our tipster tells us that the PALMC40HK is not to be found in the system any longer. Are our hopes for an updated Pre now dashed? Say it ain't so, Palm.

Last but not least, looks like Palm will be offering those artist series covers at launch, the plain Jane Touchstone back, and a new Palm Pixi leather sleeve case. We're thinking that the $555.55 price point might be a little too much for most, though (yes, we're kidding, we know it's a placeholder).

Always in motion is the future. Here's what we know: the Pixi is coming  soon; Sprint is getting ready for it as you read this. Here's what we don't know: whether the PALM120 / P121VZW refers to an updated Pre or to the Pixi; whether the C40 was a fluke or is still out there. The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is -- at least until we get our next leak.

Thanks, anonymous tipster!