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Palm Pixi Plus Review & Image Gallery
by Dieter Bohn on Thursday, Jan 21, 2010

It's been just over two months since the original Palm Pixi landed on Sprint and already we have the Palm Pixi Plus hitting Verizon: January 25th, $99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and a two-year contract. We've already thoroughly reviewed the original Palm Pixi and so strongly recommend you check that out - what we're 'reviewing' here are the differences.

Read on for those and for a gallery of hot hot Palm Pixi Plus action!

Palm Pixi Plus in 10 minutes

If you're brand new to webOS, take a quick look at what's in store for you. The majority of the time is spent on the Pre, but pretty much all of it applies to the Pixi (with the exception of 3D Gaming)

What's New with the Pixi Plus

Special Coverage:
webOS on Verizon

Previous Coverage:

Here's what's different between the Sprint Palm Pixi and the Verizon Palm Pixi Plus

  1. The Pixi Plus has WiFi
  2. The Pixi Plus is exclusive to Verizon
  3. 1 + 2 = Mobile Hotspot

To the first point: WiFi on the Pixi Plus is awesome. It turns your phone into a little WiFi router so you can share your Verizon internet connection with up to five computers simply by using WiFi. There's no configuration software, no muss, no fuss. You do need to pony up for a $40/month plan, but that's $20 less than what Verizon charges for a straight Mobile Broadband plan, so it's not too terrible. We cover more on how Mobile Hotspot works in our Palm Pre Plus Review.

Another reason WiFi is so nice on the Pixi is that, like on the Pre, you can turn it on or off no matter where you are in the operating system - it's always there in the upper right hand menu.

Next up: the Pixi Plus is on Verizon and Verizon only (for now). What does that mean: reliable service and very good voice quality. It also means you're paying a bit more per month than other carriers charge. On the other hand, [Verizon is offering the Pixi Plus as a Buy One, Get One option, so you could potentially be saving some money up front.

What's Coming for the Pixi Plus

Once you get the hang of Synergy, Universal Search, and Multitasking, you might ask what's next. What's next is webOS 1.4. It should arrive in February and it will get pushed out to your Pixi Plus over the air, automatically. It will add a bunch of new features like video recording, a Beta for Flash in the browser, better battery life, and more speed.

What's the difference between the Pixi Plus and the Pre Plus?

There are a few important differences and honestly, if you can spare the extra $50, we recommend that most users upgrade to the Pre. We do think that the Pixi is an excellent phone, but you get quite a bit more with the Pre Plus.

  1. Better games. Since the Pre Plus has a faster processor, you're able to download and play better 3D games like Let's Golf and Sims 3.
  2. Faster overall, with more Multitasking. Since the Pre has a faster processor and more program memory, you can run more apps at once than you can on the Pixi.
  3. Bigger, brighter screen. This one isn't so important, as the screen on the Pixi is plenty readable and usable for most people, but we figured we'd mention it.

On the Pixi Plus, you're going to top out at no more than 8 or 10 open apps. That's plenty for anybody, in our opinion, but some people do want more (like 50 more).

Wrapping Up

The Palm Pixi Plus is marketed as "First smartphone" or a "Starter Smartphone." I don't find that moniker especially fair, as the Pixi Plus is as capable as the large majority of other smartphones out there. It compares well against the BlackBerry lineup and even the Android lineup in my opinion. Still, you can't get around the fact that it's less powerful than the Pre Plus and so if you are expecting you'll be using your phone heavily, seriously consider springing for the Pre.

Palm Pixi Plus Image Gallery