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Palm posting jobs galore
by Jonathan I Ezor#IM on 12/28/2010 | Filed Under: News; Tags: palm, HP, enyo, job listing | 47 comments

When Jon Rubinstein told AllThingsD recently that Palm was hiring, he apparently meant it: In the past few weeks, Palm, HP and recruiters have posted many new positions on sites like SimplyHired and LinkedIn as well as on Palm's own job page.

Among the positions to be filled are Linux, drivers and tools development jobs, a senior software engineer for email sync, a senior manager for the company's information and product security and compliance, and (perhaps most promising) someone to encourage "top strategic developers to deliver compelling solutions and applications for the webOS ecosystem." The Enyo Framework Team (responsible for the brand-new development environment previewed at last month's Developer Day in New York City is also looking for a few good, um, engineers.

Given that Palm has in the past hired from within the webOS community (such as Juancarlos Camargo, developer of the NaNplayer homebrew music app, who joined Palm in October), we would love to see other familiar faces head to Sunnyvale. Much success to Palm in finding great people and to any of you who are applying for these jobs.