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Palm Pre 2 headed to Rogers Wireless & AT&T?

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 20 Oct 2010 10:28 am EDT

With all the commotion about Sprint and US carriers for the Palm Pre 2, it's easy to forget that Canada was also mentioned as a country that the smartphone will launch in.  The big question for us Canadians: which carrier will it be?

Well now, we may have an answer, or at least a hint. Buried deep within the source code of the Pre 2 page on the Palm Canada website, is this commented-out line:

Looks like a misprint of "Roger's", as in Roger's Wireless. An easy misprint to make, in what is clearly a line of code commented out for a reason.  Only reason that would come to mind, is that an official announcement hasn't been made yet.

The choice of Roger's Wireless marks a change from Palm previously choosing Bell to carry their webOS device. Certainly a change that many, such as myself, are welcoming with open arms. Given HP and Palm's connections with the other Canadian carriers, it wouldn't surprise me if the Palm Pre 2 comes to other carriers as well.

Of course this one line of commented-out code is hardly a definitive association. It does seems to be unique to the Canadian Pre 2 page though. Hopefully there will be something official soon, ending the mystery. In the meantime, it's an exciting idea that we may see a Roger's Wireless webOS device in the near future.

Perhaps just as interesting, Calvin also found a reference to AT&T in another piece of commented-out code:

We know that Palm is going to be selling unlocked Pre 2 devices to developers, but perhaps this means non-developers will be able to get in as well?

Thanks Calvin and @SimonLR!