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Palm Pre 2 Photos leak out

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 12 Oct 2010 2:27 pm EDT


French carrier SFR may have given us the goods on the specs and an official image of the Palm Pre 2, but French site MobiFrance  has just come through with hands-on photos.

What we see here is exactly what we have been expecting: A Palm Pre with an improved ridge around the face of a now-flat front that should both reduce the amount of cracking we've seen and removed that fiddly charger door. It's running webOS 2.0 and unless we're mis-seeing things, it looks as though the screen resolution is the same 320x480 we have on the Pre and Pre Plus.

We've got confirmation that it's running at 1GHz with 512mb of RAM. We're thinking these refreshed Pre and Pixi phones can't be long away - MobiFrance suggests early November. Hit the source links for plenty more shots.

Source: MobiFrance; via @PepezGeek; thanks DCForever!