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HP Pre3 shows up on The Following

by Derek Kessler Tue, 05 Feb 2013 10:23 pm EST

Palm Pre 2 shows up on The Following

Somehow I never thought I'd be doing another Palm sighting post. The hero shot of the HP Pre3 using the actual webOS Camera app on The Following (a most excellent criminal thriller on Fox, if you haven't been watching) has me reevaluating everything I thought I knew about life. Except how to actually use webOS smartphones to record a crazy guy in a bad Edgar Allen Poe mask - to do that you actually have to switch to video recording using that little button with a camcorder icon on it. While we're at it, why do we use such an analog reference like a camcorder to signal how to switch to video recording? It's like using a floppy disk icon to signify savi… oh, wait, we do that too.

Edit: As Gunderson pointed out in the comments - that's a Pre3, not a Pre 2 as we previously stated. Color us even more surprised - never thought that one would pop up in a show. Except for, you know, Dr. Dre.

Update: totoro80 chimed in in the comments, giving us a little insight into how the Pre3 ended up getting a close-up like that on The Following - it's his: "Yes that is my Pre3 on this week's episode of the following - I was an extra in that episode and during the scene they asked if anyone had a cellphone that had video capability that they could record recording the performance. Enter my trusty Pre3! I happily volunteered my services and the rest as they say, is history!"

Source: Fox.com; Thanks to jcnagyjr on Twitter for the tip!