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Today's the day, folks. the Palm Pre 2 has launched on the SFR network in France and since it's late in the evening there, presumably it's in the hands of webOS fanatics as we type this. The pricing is exactly what we saw when SFR briefly published the product page for the Pre 2 before it launched: running from € 99.90 on contract up to € 399.90 off-contract. (Oh, and SFR: suggesting that a microSD card is an appropriate 'compatible' accessory is, erm, wrong on a couple of levels.)

This is the P102UEU, which means it not only sports the AZERTY keyboard but also European 3G bands - so would-be importers are probably better off waiting for Palm to release those unlocked developer Pre 2 phones that will be compatible with US 3G bands and US thumbs used to QWERTY keyboards.

Anybody pick one up? Let us know in the comments in or in the Palm Pre 2 forums. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Check out our webOS 2.0 / Palm Pre 2 roundup!