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Palm Pre 3rd Party App Video Walkthrough

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 02 Apr 2009 3:05 am EDT


The release date is still a mystery, price is unknown, but we do have some great news about the Pre from CTIA: apps are coming and they're looking good.  Above, a video walkthrough of Fandango, SprintTV and Nascar, and a slightly updated version of Google Maps (which is now a new option in Universal Search).  Obviously the big big news is the part they couldn't comment on, the Classic PalmOS Emulation App, but there is still plenty to love about what's coming for the Pre.

Bad news: it looks like Universal Search may not be as "universal" as it is on the iPhone 3.0 beta -- the Palm rep was unsure whether or not you could search within email headers or music, which we're going to have to assume means "no."

And for those of you who are looking for more info on PalmOS emulation, all we have is "in awhile" for details -- jump to around 9:20 to hear it.