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Palm Pre and WebOS-Related Books Explode Into Preorders

by Jason Robitaille Tue, 11 Aug 2009 10:20 am EDT

Not too long ago it was announced that Mitch Allen's book, "Palm webOS", was exiting Rough Cuts phase and was being headed to print. That book is scheduled for release about a week from now on August 14th for $29.39 on Amazon, for those interested.

Interestingly enough, since then, several other Palm Pre and WebOS-related books have surfaced on Amazon for pre-orders. USA Today's own personal-technology columnist, Ed Baig, is writing his own book on the ins and outs of using a Palm Pre, appropriately titled, "Palm Pre: The Missing Manual".  Amazon lists its release as September 2nd.

Next up is an entry from the classic "For Dummies" lineup of books, "Palm Pre For Dummies". Written by Engadget's very own Chris Ziegler (the guy who also wrote "T-Mobile G1 for Dummies"), this book promises that, "if you're new to smartphones, Palm Pre For Dummies gets you up and running easily. If you're a bit more savvy, you can delve deeper into more advanced elements, such as Synergy contact management and working with media." If that's what you're looking for, Amazon currently lists it for $16.49 with an October 19th release date. And ya know what they say, a product has never really it it big til there's a For Dummies book about it.

Lastly are three relatively new pre-orders available: "My Palm Pre", "Practical Palm Pre Webos Projects", and "How to Do Everything Palm Pre" (complete with hilariously generic smartphone cover art) with releases in mid-November, January, and March respectively. As a developer, that practical project book does sound intriguing.  Regardless of how well these books actually sell, they do go a long way to boosting the Pre's public exposure and that's always a good thing.

Now, if only the Pre had a solid eReader app available...