Palm Pre App Sales Slated for September 24th, 1.2 Next week | webOS Nation

Palm Pre App Sales Slated for September 24th, 1.2 Next week

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 15 Sep 2009 12:19 pm EDT

Wondering when the new app catalog is coming? An anonymous tipster sends word: September 24th is definitely the date to watch, just as we suspected when we first published the images.

On that day, we should be able to purchase apps from the Catalog directly, after submitting credit card info to Palm. We're all sorts of pleased about this: assuming Palm is able to meet their deadline, they will be coming through on the "September" launch date we'd heard earlier. We're also all sorts of pleased that we can give our Credit Card info to Palm directly, which pretty much means that they kept the carriers out of the App Catalog process, as it should be.

We also reported last night during the Live PalmCast (after a tip from Kense in the chatroom) that we're currently expecting webOS 1.2 to hit sometime next week.

Our fingers are crossed for both rumors to be true. They're crossed again that DocsToGo with full document editing will be a go on the 24th. All these crossed fingers are making it hard to do gestures on the Pre.