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Palm Pre Default Ringtone Leaks Out

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 28 May 2009 10:34 am EDT

Want to hear the Palm Pre's default ringtone?  Heck, want to download it to use now?  Here you go, courtesy of an anonymous tipster:

Download it directly with this link

For those that are curious, the ringtone was composed by Roger Bourland for Palm and apparently Palm asked Bourland to do more than just provide some ringtones:

Bourland praised Matias Duarte for having the vision to commission “micro-compositions; not just phone emulations, or paid-for chunks of pre-existing songs.” Each ringtone is roughly 24 seconds long before it kicks into the message service. [...] Bourland is in negotiations with Palm to make available, the remaining 170 ringtones that were made at the same time, through the Palm application site.

Sounds good to us (yes, literally).

Thanks, anonymous!