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Palm Pre drops to zero bucks on Bell proper

by Derek Kessler Fri, 22 Jan 2010 6:32 pm EST

Palm Pre free on Bell

We had an inkling that the Palm Pre was not doing well on Bell in Canada after third party reseller dropped the smartphone down to $0.00. But at that time, Bell was still charging $100 for the Pre. But there’s nothing like a vote of no confidence like dropping a flagship smartphone to free on contract just five months after it hit your network. Of course, it’ll still take a three-year contract to get it for free. If you’re not interested in shacking up with Bell for three full years, you can still get a Pre for $99.95 on a two year contract, $199.95 for a one year contract, and just $349.95 with no contract at all.

So what’s going on here? For one, it seems clear they’re having trouble selling the Pre. But two is the hope/fear that the Pre (or Pre Plus) may very well be available on another network - like Telus - in the very near future. If you’ll think back to late August when the Pre finally launched in Canada, Bell admitted that they had a six-month exclusive on the Pre, and that soon will expire. Do they have excess inventory to clear, or is this just a ploy to secure more smartphone subscriber customers before webOS becomes available on other Canadian carriers? Hard to say.

[via: Mobile Syrup]

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