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Palm Pre Flash Still on Track

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 23 Jun 2009 9:34 am EDT


Palm has previously said that we could expect Flash on the Palm Pre and webOS by year's end and to tell the truth, "End of the Year" is still the date we're keeping in mind.  This despite Adobe's recent earnings call [via WMExperts] where they revealed that Flash Player 10 for mobile devices will be released in beta form in October:

We are bringing Flash Player 10 to smartphone class devices to enable the latest web browsing experience. Multiple partners have already received early version of this release and we expect to release a beta version for developers at our Max conference in October. Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the new Palm Web OS will be the first devices to support web browsing with the new Flash player…

Not that we'd complain if the October Beta found its way on to our devices right away, because we have a few ideas about what it would be good for.