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Palm Pre Gesture Guide Leaks Out

by Derek Kessler Mon, 25 May 2009 2:03 pm EDT

Palm Pre Quick Launch

Presumably to be included in the box with a new Palm Pre will be a quick start guide, a slightly more-in-depth manual, a charging cable, and now we've discovered via Engadget that there will also be a nifty little ten-page gesture guide. While it's relatively simple and straight forward, and the gestures aren't anything we haven't seen before at some other point, it's nice to know that they'll all be compiled into one place for future Pre owners. So, what will those future Pre owners learn to do?

Read on for the gestures!

Thanks to Mark for the tip!

Turn on the phone: Push the power button.

Open the launcher: Press the center button, then tap the far right icon in the dock.

Close the launcher: Flick up from the gesture area to the screen.

Palm Pre Gesture Guide Open Quick launch: Drag up slowly from the gesture area, move your finger from right to left to select the app you want, and the lift your finger to start the app.

Minimize apps and go to Card view: Press the center button or flick up from the gesture area to the screen (when already in an app).

Resize cards and change card order: Tap and hold a card, then drag cards to change order.

Go back a level in an app: Quick swipe left in the gesture area on either side of the button (do not cross the button).

Close an app: When in Card view, throw the card off the top of the screen.

Move to previous or next open app: Full swipe left or right in gesture area.

Scroll to a specific point: Drag in the desired direction.

Scroll quickly: Flick in the desired direction.

Stop scrolling: Tap the screen while scrolling.

Zoom in: Place two fingers together and move them apart.

Zoom out: Place two fingers apart and bring them together.

Zoom in/out a fixed amount: Double tap the screen. Double tap again to zoom out. (Double tap works within the Web, Photos, Email, and Google Maps app. How each of these apps zoom may vary.)

Place cursor in a text field: Tap the location where you want the cursor to go.

Move cursor: Insert the cursor, press and hold the orange key, and then drag anywhere on the screen.

Select text: Insert the cursor, press and hold Shift, and then drag anywhere on the screen.

Delete a list item: Swipe the item off to the left or right of the screen.

Drag and drop: Tap and hold the item, drag, and then lift your finger to drop.

Open menu: Application menuu: Tap the upper left corner. Connection menu: Tap the upper right corner (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplane Mode can be found here.)