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Palm Pre Has Great Mindshare, Working on Marketshare

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 24 Sep 2009 11:26 am EDT

Engadget points us to an interesting study [PDF Link] by the research firm interpret. By polling thousands of consumers, the firm has concluded that when it comes to mindshare, the Palm Pre is doing quite nicely, better than all the other players except the iPhone 3GS.

Interpret cites three key perceptions that are needed to push a phone up in the eyes of consumers: "Smart, Hip/Cool, and Productive," all of which need to work in concert in order to make a device feel like it's a premiere offering. Interestingly, the firm also suggests that Palm made the right move by partnering with Sprint, since Sprint may have been the only carrier that would have thrown their full weight behind the product.

It's definitely worth the read, so check it out. Now the real question: will this mindshare translate into marketshare once Palm gets the Pre out on more carriers?

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!