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Palm Pre Parties it up in the Wild

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 25 May 2009 3:42 pm EDT

Brand-new forum member vnx copped a quick hands-on with a Palm Pre in the wild and kindly uploaded the video above as well as posting some thoughts in our Palm Pre Forums:

[...] most of you are wondering about the keyboard, and I can honestly say, that it was pretty tough to type because of the slider and also doesn't really pop out like the treo or my q9c. [...] The web browser was just like safari and loaded up pages really fast. It is on par with the iPhone and destroyed my mobile internet explorer.

The video has some blur to it (shot with a Motorola Q9c), but it's nice to see that the Pre is out and about.  Congrats to you, vnx!  Soon, very soon, we'll all be hanging out at parties, drinking, carousing, and using the Pre ourselves.