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Palm Pre Passes FCC, Data Transfer Details, and More

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 12 May 2009 11:23 am EDT

We're still digging through yesterday's big box materials leak, having already discovered that the Pre is rated M4 for hearing aids.  What's more, we've got translations from our excellent forum members (Thanks Syphon!) with plenty to think about.  For example, it looks like the Data Transfer Assistant is a web site / web service instead of a desktop app, to wit:

How can I transfer data from my computer?
On your computer, check the email address you used to configure your Palm Profile. Something [I think it is "Click"] the link in the email message to verify your Palm Profile. The link will take you to a web site where you can transfer your data to your phone from organizers like Palm Desktop & Outlook. You can only do this once. This transfer is the way to move your data from your old Palm smartphone onto your new phone.

Now for numbers: We've also discovered that the Sprint SKU for the Pre is PALM100HK, which means that someday, somehow, this link at Sprint's site should give us a chance to purchase the Pre.

Finally, smartphone junkies know that you can head over to the FCC's site for a chance to find upcoming phones before they're released.  Big gigantic Palm smartphone addicts know that Palm's Grantee Code is O8F and can be used in the advanced FCC search to hunt down Palm's products.  All of the above know that (barring the occasional screw up) the FCC keeps things under wraps until the grantee lets them know it's ok to lift. All of which is a roundabout way of explaining that while the FCC's site doesn't have any info on the Pre yet, we know it's been approved by the FCC because of the following bit on the side of the box:

FCC Equipment Authorization ID number: O8F-CASC.

(If you're wondering: yes, we do have lives.  We've just put them on hold to squeeze every last drop of information out of the Palm Pre (river)stone for y'all)