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Palm Pre Plus making top lists around the web

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 02 Jun 2010 1:29 pm EDT


The year is 2010, and despite being on the market for almost a year, the Palm Pre (and the closely related "Plus" version) is continuing to gain accolades in the tech press circles and win prestigious design awards.   First up is ZDNet's Matthew Miller (who is also the editor of sister site Nokia Experts) who ranks the Pre Plus at number 6 on his top ten smartphones of 2010, citing the notifications and excellent user interface in his list of reasons for including the device.

Next up is a PC World piece that's been syndicated on MSNBC that rounds up the best smartphones on each carrier.  The Pre ranks first on Sprint, third on Verizon, and you can bet that if the article had been written post AT&T launch, it'd be in the top three there as well.  

We've yet to see any hints of what kind of hardware (beyond fabled tablet speak, of course) is set to come down the pike from Palm this year, but if their previous design efforts are any indication, 2010 is going to be a year full of awards and accolades for the company too.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in!