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Palm Pre Plus out of stock on Verizon and AT&T online

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 16 Aug 2010 4:02 pm EDT

  Palm Pre Plus

We're not sure if you can derive any information from this, but we've had several readers let us know that both Verizon Wireless online and AT&T online have been out of stock on the Palm Pre Plus for some time now. We'd sort of been assuming that we had a overstuffed channel on both carriers so seeing it out of stock since last week has been odd. We called around to a handful of stores on both carriers and the local guys all report that they have plenty of the devices on-hand.

Maybe they just don't feel like competing with, who is selling contract-signers the Verizon Palm Pre Plus for $19.99 and the AT&T Pre Plus for free with a $50 gift card.

We're not feeling that this means newer devices are in the pipeline, but given that Verizon is still charging a crazy-low $29.99 with free Mobile Hotspot, we can't say we're super pleased to see it out of stock online. Anybody been jonesing to buy online only to run into this out-of-stock wall?

Sources: AT&T, Verizon, HP Wireless Central; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!