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Palm Pre Poetry, EVDO Setting questions and more... From the Forums

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 08 Feb 2010 12:46 pm EST

  Here's some of the latest talk in the forums:

  • The Web browser in webOS is good indeed, but there are many sites out there that were designed solely for Mobile Safari. Palm's browser is certainly capable of displaying sites iPhone style, and user Rand points out a handy checkbox in webOS Quick Install (which was recently updated to version 3.0) that tweaks the browser to report itself as Mobile Safari.
  • Extolling the virtues of your Pre or Pixi in the form of poetry? Member powerbyte's doing it, and so should you. I've already started work on what's sure to be a hilarious limerick.
  • Sure, we have a Facebook app made by Palm in the Catalog, but many find its utility somewhat lacking. Thankfully, Facebook appears to be making enhancements to (the Facebook mobile site that comes bookmarked), and nyquistJack has discovered some new functionality. The ability to switch to live view, anyone?
  • The PreCentral forums are a great place to ask questions (no matter how obscure) and get answers. DrHeathenScum wants to know: just what are the various EVDO Mode settings? Spoiler alert - knowledgeable forum members have the answer.

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