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Palm Pre PSA: Run Update, Get 1.02

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 06 Jun 2009 1:56 pm EDT

We know that a ton of you are playing with your new Palm Pre -- congratulations!!  While you're doing that, make sure you take a quick moment to head over to the Updates App - if our Pre Phones were any indication, the devices shipped out to Sprint don't have the latest firmware, version 1.02.  If you're not connected to WiFi, the Pre will give you a message letting you know that it will download the update in bits and pieces when your phone is "Idle."  If you do have WiFi enabled, it'll start sucking that sweet sweet ROM action down right away.  Be aware, installing the update requires a fairly lengthy reboot process.

As noted in the comments, some stores had the 1.02 firmware pre-loaded, so if you run Updates and don't get anything -- congrats, you're set!

We'll also take this opportunity to mention that the place to be right now is our very own Palm Pre Forums.  If you're visiting them form your Palm Pre, you might be interested in checking out the mobile version of the forums at We're still tweaking them a bit here and there to make them a bit more finger-friendly, but if you have suggestions, we're open to them.