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Let's start with the caveats: anything you hear from low-level, mid-level, and even high-level customer service representatives should be taken with the kind of grain of salt we've been recommending every since we started reporting on this February 15th release date rumor -- the "gigantic saltlick" kind.  Nevertheless, our Pre Forums are absolutely full with members who have started chat sessions with Sprint Reps and/or called in to ask about when the Palm Pre would be released.  The answer many of them are getting: February 15th, and no, we're not confusing it with the Treo Pro.

We definitely don't want to inundate either Sprint or Palm with these sorts of questions because the official line is still "first half of the year," because you can't really take these chat logs to the bank, and because, frankly, being a CS rep is hard and there's only so much they know.  Still and all, here we are again, saying that we think February 15th seems way unlikely despite all this evidence.

Perhaps the truth is that Feb 15 is when pre-sales will start, or when they'll announce the actual date.  We're thinking of putting that salt lick out on our front doorstep just in case -- because if the Pre is actually going to arrive in less than two weeks it'll probably be delivered by a unicorn, and we hear they like salt licks.

Thanks to everybody who wrote in!