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Palm Pre Screen Size Comparison

by Jason Robitaille Mon, 02 Feb 2009 10:07 am EST

Size comparison

With all the close-up videos of the Palm Pre and high resolution photos, it's easy to forget how small the device really is and how compact its screen is.  Previously we've seen the Pre compared to the its Palm brethren and the iPhone in device size, but never really delved into the screen size.

The Palm Pre is 3.1" and 320x480 pixels.  With that information in hand we can use a bit of algebra to calculate the Pre's physical screen size to be about 1.72x2.58 inches.

That may sound small on paper, but when loaded into Sizeasy's system and compared to competing devices like the iPhone, Blackberry Storm, HTC Touch Pro, and the good ol' Palm Centro, the Pre's screen looks quite good.  We're certain there's a few Centro users who will be happy to see how much bigger the Pre's physical screen is.